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Class V, the Ultimate in Whitewater Rafting!

Class five rafting is strenuous, adventurous, and for those who are ready, an incredibly fulfilling experience. As you contemplate taking a Class V trip, it is imperative to realize that these trips are intense and demanding passenger participation experiences and that a successful run depends upon you and your boat team.

When putting together your team remember to take the abilities of all participants into consideration. In Class V everybody needs to carry their own weight, don't think your experience or strenghth can make up for a weak teamate. Prior rafting experience with All American Adventures or All American Adventures Staff required. Prior participation in class IV+ to V rafting or other high adventure sports is stronly encouraged for all participants. Regardless of your experience we do require full participation, teamwork and a very adventurous spirit of everyone.
Minimum trip size is 4. 5 paddlers per raft max.

Class V rafting requires that participants be agile and able to move quickly within the raft to the "high side" (as on a sailboat) to prevent capsizing. While you need not be an athlete to participate, good physical condition is naturally required. Class V rafters typically jog, play tennis, ski, swim, do aerobics, bicycle, backpack, etc. on a regular basis in order to maintain their good physical condition.


Participants must participate in a Class V Paddler's Test including; fittness, whitewater swim and rescue challenges. This is not competitive it is done to emphasize teamwork, build confidence, to serve as a tool for you, and for us to judge your readiness to paddle class V. The Paddler's Test does vary with water level and experience of the team. Be prepared to face aerobic and strength challeges on land and water, participate in rescue scenarios as a victim and rescuer, swim a class II-III rapid, swim to shore unassisted, swim across river currents, pull yourself and others back into a raft and recover and right a flipped raft. At any time durring the Paddler's Test All American Adventures staff feels participants are not up to the task we will substitue the trip to the Class IV Full Day or Clear Creek Full Day, difference in price will not be refunded. Durring the trip if All American Adventures staff feels participants are not up to the task the trip may be suspended at any point with no refund. The safety of our staff and guests is our most important consideration.


Class V rapids are extremely long, obstructed and violent rapids which expose the participant to above average risk of injury and death.  Drops in such rapids may contain very large, unavoidable waves and holes or steep, congested chutes with complex, demanding routes.  Class V rapids often continue for long distances between pools or eddies, demanding a high level of fitness.  The eddies that do exist may be small, turbulent or difficult to reach.  Several of the aforementioned factors may be combined.  Rescue from Class V rapids is extremely difficult even for experts.

All Participants will be required to sign an additional Class V Liability Release and Assuption of Risk waiver in addition to our standard Liability Release and Assuption of Risk document.


Clear Creek Canyon

Overall Rating: IV-V(V+)
Class V Rapids: Black Rock (5.0), Narrows (5.0), Rigormortis (aka: Quiche) (5.3)
Length: 17.3 miles
Overall Gradient: 84 ft/mi.
Steepest Section: 138 ft/mi.
Total Drop: 1453 ft.
Season: Mid-May thru July.
*Clear Creek is a natural flowing river, flows vary greatly throughout the season , highest flows will be in June, sometimes to high, every year is different. At low flows the enterance to Black Rock may need to be portaged, at high flows Rigormortis becomes unrunable. It's Class V, conditions will vary.
Clear Creek Canyon Class V Full Day

$225 per person (minimum age 18)
A serious whitewater adventure for those looking to push it to the limit. Clear Creek Canyon offers some of the most difficult commercialy ran rapids in the country, only a short drive from Denver. Steep, Technical and Continous Clear Creek come at you fast and doesn't let up. It's a beautiful place but this is all about the whitewater. With three big Class V rapids and uncountable Class IV this is a must make trip for the Class V enthusiast. If you've done Gore Canyon, Cherry Creek, the Russel Fork or the Upper Kern don't miss Clear Creek Canyon.

The Rapids: #1- Black Rock - A long boulder choked maze with a move only the strong survive and then it goes non-stop into the mile long Class IV Energizer. #2- Narrows – Sheer cliffs on both side of the river and the biggest 3 drops on the river back to back, not a place to be swimming and that’s even not the whole rapid. #3- Rigormortis – A cataract of foaming whitewater hydro-punishment, this is the one you’ll remember for a long time. This is a serious whitewater trip at the extreme end of what is guided by river outfitters throughout the world. Be honest about your own abilities! If you aren’t prepared physically and mentally for this trip you will be putting yourself, the other passengers and your guide in physical danger. If any All American Adventures staff do not feel you are physically or mentally prepared for this challenge and may endanger yourself or others you will be removed from this trip at any point. No Refunds.

Clear Creek "I'm to tired to camp" Class V Two-Day

$405 per person (minimum age 18) *Also available without the Class V section for $300 per person.
Looking for the ultimate Clear Creek whitewater adventure. 2 days, 25 miles, 2,300 vertical feet of uncountable class III to V rapids, the whole creek. There's no camping on this trip, trust us you'll want a good hot meal and a comfortable bed. Price does not include lodging, breakfasts or dinners. Call for help with local accomadations.

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Licensed by Colorado State Parks (ROL# V-0443). Trips operate with permission from Clear Creek County, Jefferson County and the City of Idaho Springs.